Those who pursue membership at Sagebrush are not looking for a card in the mail or voting rights. Membership means that you are committing to be part of our mission to Know Christ and to Make Christ Known. It shows that you are no longer here to be a consumer of services that we provide, but that you want to reach Albuquerque, and indeed the entire world, with the good news of Jesus Christ.


 What Does It Take To Be A Member?

  • Attend a FirstStep class
  • Complete the NextSteps classes
  • Affirm belief and trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
  • Profess your faith publically through biblical baptism
  • Join a small group or commit to an area of service



FirstStep gives you a 60-minute introduction to who we are and what we believe at Sagebrush. It is the first class on your journey toward membership at Sagebrush. FirstStep covers membership, baptism, and how to get involved. The class also prepares you to take the NextSteps class.


NextSteps Class:

NextSteps is our four-week membership class* with classroom sessions led by a NextSteps facilitator. The curriculum has been written to cover the core of who we are as a church. Membership classes happen monthly at all campuses. For questions about membership, please contact .

* NextSteps is also periodically offered as a 4-hour one-day class.